WD EX4 Issues after updating from 1.02.42 to 1.05.xx

Hello everyone,

I have recently updated a customer’s WD EX4 from version 1.02.42 to 1.05.  The device has been in the field since 1/2014 and has had no major issues until the last firmware upgrade.  Since upgrading to 1.05.30 and then to 1.05.36 I have had nothing but issues with the device.  The CPU seems to stay near max or at max with even simple small file transfers.  Network file transfer speed has slowed down to a crawl.  Also, the backup to USB option quit working with the new firmware.  I have checked everything else done to the customer’s network to be sure something else was not causing the problem and have narrowed it down to the EX4.  I have even brough the EX4 back to my network and I see the same performance issues with a single user connected.  I have performed the quick and full disk tests, and the system test, and everything appears to be fine.  Is there anything I am missing?  Also, are the older versions of firmware (specifically 1.02.42) still availible anywhere already built.  I found the source code downloads, but not the prebuilt, installable download.

Thank you for any help or suggestions. 

The latest firmware has been poor, particulalry as it does not optimise CPU loading.

To assist, ensure you turn off Twonky scanning, it scans attached USB drives by default.  You will also find that the DEFAULT option for any of your backup jobs is that they execute whenever a USB drive is attached.  So if you have 5 jobs (as I do), they will all attempt to launch at once.  Turn off these options in each backup job.

With regards to backups the default timeout for the backup job is only 30 seconds whcih is nowhere near enough to cope with the EX4 when it is busy.  I find it easier to issue the rsync jobs by cutting the command form the TOP script and re-issuing via SSH with the timeout parameter removed.

If nothing else works, stop the wdmcserverd daemon. “/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop” will stop the daemon which scans the EX4 for media and creates meta data on each media object.