WD Ex4 inaccessable when Internet fails

MY WD EX4 NAS works fine with my WD TV Media Player over my home LAN while my internet is working but if the Internet is down it refuses to work and keeps asking for a password which always fails.

My WD TV Live uses network shares to access the EX4 because the latter’s video server doesn’t seem to work properly, it stops after about 20 minutes (I think I read ages ago that this was a known fault)

My (WIN10) computer also cannot access the WD EX4 via Windows Explorer when the internet is down even though the dashboard works fine. My other NAS (ReadyNAS) is still accessible so it is not a LAN/router fault.

When the Internet is working the system works with no problems at all.

Any idea how to overcome this it seems a silly fault?


The only reason I can imagine why the EX4 would go “missing” when the Internet is down is that your devices are using your Router for DNS – and your router doesn’t respond if the WAN is down – which would indeed be silly.

All I can say is that I have an EX4 as well, and have no problems accessing it when the internet outside is down…

Read this article, it might help resolve your issue.

Thank you that was most helpful. It does appear to work - just one test using a batch file.

It seems to add two not insurmountable problems, one is that it now no longer can check for updates and second, logging in to the device is as slow as a wet weekend but I can live with those.

Thank you again