WD EX4 firmwire update

Hi… i am getting an update message as below in my inbox

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX4 WDPENEX4.


Event title:New Firmware Available


Event description:A new version of firmware has been released. Update your device.




Event code:2002


Event time:07-13-2015 01:53:02 PM


 Firmware version: 1.05.30

Any on tried this update??? Is it safe?? Please advice… :neutral_face:

Hi ljkrishnan and welcome.

The alert you got should be related to new firmware release for EX2/EX4.

You can get more info here


By the way, following the upgrade procedure via WD Dashboard, you should update your EX with no trouble, with “one click”. AT the end a reboot will be necessary to complete procedure.



anyone tried the latest EX2 firmware 1.05.36  ? will installing the firmware wipeout all previous setting like user account, password, access right ?

Can we backup previous setting and restore it ?

Yes, already downloaded and installed. No issues, up to now, but only one security fix … Hopefully, WD should provide another upgrade to fix all the issues reported on forum :wink: Back to your questions, no. The upgrade procedure does not wipeout your config. Nothing will be changed. And yes, anyway, you can save/reload your config from WD Dashboard, just in case … Ciao

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ThanX Paulus

Hi all, just for yor information!

I had fw 1.05.35 in my EX4, did an automatic upgrade, it installed and rebooted self,
after the reboot it was fw 1.05.30 installed !!! :dizzy_face:

Then I did a manually upgrade as described at http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfmycloud_ex4

and now is it 1.05.36 :smiley:


Would appear the new firmware breaks SSL support in Python. Open python and type import ssl

Research points to a mismatch between the compiled python library _ssl.so and openssl not being compiled with the SSLv2 symbols. It’s not that I’m using SSLv2 it’s that the python module wants to ensure it’s disabled but calling it fails