WD EX4 diconnects when copying large files

My WD EX4 goes to sleep when I copy large files FROM IT to an external HDD connected to my computer. I can only copy about 70GB of files at a time. If I copy about 100GB of files it will disconnect and tell me that it can no longer find the NAS.

Copying TO the NAS doesn’t seem to cause any problem. Even if I copy files totalling 1TB it will continuously copy it until it finishes but copying FROM IT causes it to sleep after 70GB.

Can someone help me with my problem?

I am using the following:
Desktop computer running Win7
WD EX4 NAS (set to static IP)
Linksys Router
WD 4TB External HDD

Thank you in advance.



I recommend you contact WD Support for assistance with this issue.

Did you get any resolution to your problem?


nope still no solution. been trying to research but i can’t find anything…