WD EX2 + LG LB650v


I discovered  an issue, but i don’t realy have an answer for it yet.

When i play a movie with subtitles from NAS the movie plays but the subtitles are not loaded. However, if i put the same files on a USB stick and plug it directly in the TV, the subtitles are loading.

I also enabled the subtitles on the TV, but still no luck. I dont know yet if the problem is from the EX2 or the TV.

Any ideas ?


Take a look at this thread. Hope it helps


thanks for the post, it was very informative.

Also i discovered by myself that DLNA ( either tv or EX2, dont know which one ) doesn’t like files with character like ". " and "- ". So i removed those from the name and now it works


Glad to know you have found the solution to your issue. Thank you for posting it.