WD EX2 Bugs [ Firmware Version 1.05.30 ]


long time has been gone and the latest firmware has some important bugs

WD EX2 6TB - Firmware Version 1.05.30   .

There is no installed apps and It is not Modified or hacked

here is the bugs 

1- The web user interface does not show the available space correctly

I have about 3.5TB free space but the WebUI shows 4.2TB

2- Sometimes when i change the user access permissions it needs a reboot to take effect

3- When I copy my data in Media Server enabled share folders with SMB protocol, coping process will be interrupted. If you monitor real time bandwidth usage you can see that the coping process will stop for few seconds and start again.

 [tested in Wifi / Gigabit Ethernet Router / or even PC directly connected to WD EX2]

4- FTP and WebDAV download speed limited to 30MBps

fixed after factory defualt reset

5- WDMC Files ! none of the mycloud users like to see such files in their folders

6- Cooling fan never Works!!!

Normal usage Temp: mainboard Temp: 67 /HDD Temp: 63

Sleep Mode Temp: mainboard: 42 / HDD: 41

7- Sleep Time:

The HDD wakes up in simple network requests such as ARP ,  SSH …and it take a while to sleep again

Please report the bugs here 


Hello david001, thank you for sharing this information, we have passed this along to support