WD EX device does not appear on Mycloud - "Configure Cloud Access" Updating

After updating to OS5 and run the “Restore to default” (System only) then I could not log in to “Configure Cloud Access”. It has been standed by with the message line “Updating…”
How should I do? There are so many errors with this Os5. With those folders with many pictures, it could not indexed to Mycloud.

@ali_hung Have you refreshed your browser windows? If not, refresh or go to http://IP_ADDRESS of your My Cloud.

You should be kidding? Is this called the solution

Hello I have the same issue, it started with the update to 5 06 115.

I tried the configuration from different devices. I also downgraded to the first OS5 release with no sucess (it was working under the first release).
Any help is welcome!

My problem is solved by adding a port forward in my router: port 8543 to my NAS local adress.