WD Essentials sometimes works sometimes doesn't

Hey folks,

I have a WD Book Essentials 2Tb USB 3.0 and I can’t get it to work all of the time, been an issues since I got a new computer with Win 7.  Sometimes it shows up as a drive and is accessible and sometimes it’s not there at all.  Sometimes it’s there, has folders, but no files in the folders, the drive always spins up, the light is always on.  Most of the time Win 7 doesn’t recognize the drive, it’s there but software is bad.  I have updated the firmware, installed WD smart wave software, WD drivers and it’s the most temperamental drive I have ever owned.  If I unplug it from wall and USB and plug back in it sometimes is recognized and sometimes not, I need help.

Hello and welcome to the community,

Make sure you have the drive plugged in directly into a wall outlet. Try to avoid any extension cord, power strips and surge protectors. Sometimes they don’t provide enough power for the drive to spin up properly.

It’s plugged into the wall directly, always spins up correctly, it’s some type of driver issue as Win 7 doesn’t recognize the drive most of the time.

Try another USB cable no longer than the one supplied. Also don’t connect through a hub. If this is a desktop try a USB port on the back. When the drive is plugged in try deleting it’s driver then remove the drive reboot system and reconnect the drive. That should load a fresh driver.