WD Essentials HDD 2.5 internal format factor

Hi everyone!

Sorry to bother you with a trivial question, but I’m about to order 2 WD Essentials HDD 2.5 inches 2 Tb and 3 Tb. The model numbers are WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN and WDBU6Y0030BBK-WESN, respectively. Before placing an order, I’d like to know just one or two things, if you’ll be so kind to help me out!
Sometimes, in the past, I had the need to remove the HDD from its case and use it as an internal SATA drive for one of my laptops (because of a disk failure or other problem).
I’m wondering if these 2 HDDs I’ve provided above, when removed from their case, are 7, 9.5, or 12.5 in height and if they have a standard SATA connector or some other non-compatible interface.

Could anyone help me in this? :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance!


They don’t.

All WD USB Portable HDD’s have a USB connector on the logic board and No Standard SATA connector for use in a Laptop or 3rd Party USB Enclosures.

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Thank you very much, Joey, for your kind and accurate answer!
You saved me from making a huge mistake!
Thank you again.

I wish you a wonderful day!


No problem … the only other options you have are to purchase a WD Internal Drive or look at purchasing a different brand. (i do know of other brands that have Standard SATA inside Portable USB Enclosures)