Wd essentials 3tb


just got my new 3tb drive, and found that it’s utilizes USB3.0 but my laptop has only USB2.0 which is terribly slow. So i pulled drive out from original casing and plugged it into my old SATA casing. When connected to pc drive did not appear in the windows 7, while managing partitions it showing only 746gb.

How can i get drive to work through SATA enclosure at full 3tb capacity?

Thank you,


Access the disk management window and format the hard drive from there. You might also need to initialize it in GPT mode if you want to access the 3TB from a single partition. Check if the links below help.



connected 3tb drive in sata enclosure to another laptop - and found that all capacity available. looks like i have to contact dell to fix the issue with compatibility.

thank you for your help.