WD Essentials 2 TB external drive not seen in my computer

Hi1 My Wd Essentials 2 TB external drive is inop. Happened once before about 6 months ago and happened again now. The blue light stays on and I can hear it run. Shows up under computer management as online but unallocated. Shows up in device manager also but not under my computer icon. When it happened 6 months ago I unplugged it without thinking of shutting it down first. I have always shut it down by holding the button in back down for a few seconds, never had success doing it through the PC. Well that time I unplugged it from the wall and the way I got it to work finally was to keep unplugging and plugging it in as recommended on some forums. Took about 50-60 tries but finally caught and all the data was still there. Now same issue but this time got unplugged accidentally and light stays on, hear it spinning and clicking on startup but does not show on my computer. I have unplugged both the USB and power cord at least 50 times and sometimes you hear a louder activation buzz than other times. The louder buzz sounds like it normally did on startup before this issue. Did not drop it or anything. Still under limited warranty till August 2013, but my data is still on there, very personal data that I cannot trust anyone with. Any suggestions? Tried a recovery program testdisk 6.4 but do not have enough space to put recovered files. It is kinda confusing too. I probably voided my warranty because I opened the case up since someone said maybe a new enclosure might work, but oh well. Do I need to get another external drive to use with the testdisk program? Thanks in advance

I am having the same problem. I am a DJ so I use it as my music/video drive. It is only 7 months old. It has been acting up for a few weeks. It wouldn’t be shown under my computer or in my DJ software. So I would unplug it from my laptop and plug it in. Sometimes it would only take 1 time and sometimes it would take 5-6 maybe more times. Last night it finally quit. The light on the front just blinks. I can’t pull up any files from the drive but it is recognized under Device Manager. It is still under warrany but I need it now. ANY HELP??!!