WD essentials 1TB not recognized on Samsung ue55es6540SXXN LED tv


I bought a new portable drive today (WD essentials 1TB). When getting home, I plugged it in my pc, formatted it to MBR and made sure the type (NTFS) was compatible with my tv.

Problem is when I plugged it in my tv, the driver turns on (I see the light is on), but the tv doesn’t seem to recognize anything has been plugged in.

I need some help to solve this :disappointed_relieved:

Hello kiba-chan27,

Did you check after reformatting the drive into compatible file format supported by your Samsung TV?


I checked my Samsung TV guide, it shoudld be able to support NTFS, the format in which my drive came. But just to be sure I tried reformatting it to FAT and other formats, didn’t work.

I am thinking maybe my drive doesn’t get enough power to fully work, so I ordered one of those Y shaped usb cable, hopefully this will work.