WD Essential SE 1tb VERY VERY SLOW!

i bought it past week, and now it’s very slow on read/write, i try to change system files but nothing, it stays slow, i try in MAC (macbook pro 13) and WINDOWS (core 2 duo e8400 3Ghz, 3gb ram), isn’t a hardware problem!! is disk problem :frowning: i spent a lot of money on it :frowning:

Hi, dude!

Well… I can’t talk about mac but in Windows you have some chance to increase (but not correct if you analize the reliability).

In “My Computer”, click with right mouse button ->Properties. In Hardware tab, select your device and after “Properties” button. In “Directives” tab (or should bi “Policies” tab!?!), you check what you prefer. “Optimize for safe removal” guarantees “more” security on disconnection. “Optimize for performance” really gives you more speed for file operations, including copy, but YOU SHALL REMOVE YOUR DEVICE WITH SECURITY, or you will have great problems with the data copied to your device. You choose…

PS.: Check if it’s operating in USB 2.0 before.

Thanks emerson!

but i found the problem. Mac didn`t read NTFS system files NATIVE, to read NTFS u need to install an application, and the application that i install was very OLD! and now i install a updated application then write/read very well :slight_smile:



Paragon NTFS its a payed application, and NTFS/3G or MacFuse are free. Its your Choice.

sorry my inglish, im from Chile and my native language is Spanish xD