WD Essential Edition~ Win7 64 says "Search is Complete"

WD Essential Edition.

I have had this for a few years now and never a problem.

Switched to Win7 64 a year ago.

I call pull~ no problem.

I can push~ no problem.

Searching for a specific file always results in a “Search is Complete” and a blank page.

Even though the tree (left pane) is showing the file is in there, looking at me, and laughing at the same time.

It doesnt matter the .ext, name, numbers, it says its not there. (But i can see tat it really is, it just wont find it)

Control Panel/Device/Up Date Driver says im good, but the driver is from '06.

Thanks in advance for the view of this, any input you have will be a plus.


OK…it actually says “No Items Match Your Search” even though i am in a sub folder that is labled “14000”, and the only files in the folder start with “14*.*” Yes there are a thousand of them.