WD Essential Book "Not working"

Somewhere along the line my Book quit, I noticed when my Norton said no backup and the WD Book wasn’t working.

I checked everything wires, hook up and it all was in place, even the lights were on but nobody home and not working.

I also got a Warning message: 

XmlParser::PavseUrl:Error Processing file: C:\Program File \ Western Digital \WDSmartware \ WD Drive Manager | local c \ en_US.lproj \ localizable.string

I hope I copied that right but anyway I have tried to up load updates, they won’t load, I have reset it still nothing, the computer says its working but still nothing, what do I do, and its full of Photos that I was thinking was safe??? 



Mate I’ll suggest you to reinstall the WD Smartware software, this could solve the problem.