WD Essential alternate connecting


I’ve WD Passport Essential 500 Gb and unfortunately upgraded the Firmware which didnt upgraded well. I have some very precious data on hard drive and cant replace hard it without getting the data out. Now the hard drive is not showing anywhere in the device manager, disk management and my computer, however the disk is working and light indicator is on.

After a lot of brainstorming, i’ve opened the hard and there are 12 pin connector + 2 pin (might be for jumper) besides the standard USB connection. My plan is to connect the hard through those 12 pins. Can you kindly give me some suggestions how can i do so, or any other recommendations so that at least i can get the data out?



Yes, please can someone tell how to connect the drive using this 12 pin connector? I have the same problem with my WD Passport Essential 1TB…