WD Essential 1Tb External Drive Crashed, Pulled out of casing for Recovery but not showing up data

I somehow developed problems with my D Essential 1Tb External Drive, here’s the condition.

  • When i connect it to the PC it does not shows the actual drive but shows the Portion which stores the built-in softwares.

  • I Removed the drive out of the enclosure to check if the data is recoverable and plugged it into the pc. Then ran Drive Recovery Tools but it didnt showed any data, EXCEPT when i put it on recovery via the orginal USB circut, it shows me all the data but due to very slow speeds the recovery process halts and the program freezes.

  • Is there anyway, of getting it hooked via Sata cable and getting the data retrived so the recovery speeds up.

Please note that there is NO PASSWORD ON THE DRIVE,

The board with the USB port on it encrypts the data. Even if you get drive recognized without the board the data will be useless.