WD Errors & Concerns NEED HELP

Hello WD community,

I’ve recently come back from a trip to Japan and late last night I had no problem entering the WD icon on the dock. I began moving files accordingly as always but now suddenly it doesn’t appear to let me get in anymore. It takes much longer and later says “Failed to connect to the device.” On my Finder browser I’m able to view the files and load them with ease but it concerns me to not be able to do it by opening the WD icon.

I’ve checked the router and internet, everything seems to be fine. The light in front of the external hard drive is a solid yellow/orange and I’ve read it should be blue or something but I’ve never noticed this to impede my success. I’m worried that this might mean I need a new external hard drive or somethings wrong with it loading. Up until right now (3 years later) I just created an account and have been able to sign in here to write this to you hoping for an answer. I have also just downloaded the WD app for my iphone 8. It shows available devices WDMyCloud but it later has a popup message saying “Request timeout”.

What’s going on and what can I do to resolve it? Thanks for the time reading and hope to hear from someone soon.

Hi eduardo_ota,

My Cloud Mobile app used for WD’s network drive i.e. WD My Cloud NAS drive. Recommend you to run Quick Test and Complete Drive Test using WD Drive Utilities to diagnose the WDs external hard drives.