WD Elite 350 cannot be read on 1 of 3 computers

Passport could be read on all 3 computers - suddenly stopped working on desktop (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) - Still can be read on Vaio (Win 7 Pro) and very old IBM with XP

have updated driver (SES), reformatted drive & run WinDig

have ensured that all permissions are granted to all users, system, etc.


on Vaio, Passport shows as passed & no problems; all files can be accessed

on desktop, full test “fails” due to too many corruptions

Any thoughts on failure to recognize.   Neither WD nor MS has a clue. 

Try connecting the Passport on the back USB port of the desktop PC, be sure to use the cable that came bundled with the Passport, longer USB cables or USB hubs can cause power inconsistencies.