WD Elemets SE Portable USB 2.0 can't be recognized

My external hard drive suddenly not recognized by my computer.

  1. The light is still blinking and i can feel/hear the motor iside is still spinning.
  2. Tried uninstalling  USB device (even the hidden devices) on Device Manager.
  3. It doesn’t show up on Disk Management.
  4. I tried all USB have available on my computer.
  5. My other USB device is working except this.
  6. Tried using different USB cable, tried also a shorter one.
  7. My PC is also plug directly to a wall socket.
  8. I also tried it to plug on my brother’s PC and its still not recognized.

Help me and i love you. :heart:


You said that you tried to unistall it.

How is the drive showing in the Device manager?

It says “Unknown Device”