WD ElementsSE unreadable

I’m writing to complain about two 500GB and 750GB respectively WD ElementsSE that inadvertently became unreadable under Snow Leopard 10.6.8

I.e. yesterday the two Hds were perfectly readable and running, today once plugged into the USB port a dialog box alerted me that they must be formatted :manfrustrated:

Fortunately Stellar Phoenix Recovery helped me, with a long long session, retrieving my precious data that now is saved onto another 7200 internal HD

I reformatted again the two HDs and copied back their contents, but after a couple of days I faced the same problem: unreadable and must be formatted.

I’m wondering what’s the real reliability level of these magnetic media… :mansad:

that’s not normal… in my case, i have 2 years with a element drive and is running just fine.