WD Elements - USB Device Not Recognised - The USB set address request failed

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I have two external WD Drives (and some others) and I keep getting this error message for my WD Elements 5TB drive

When I check Device Manager I see, under USBs, the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in and the message “Uknown USB Device (Set Address Failed)”

When I click on Properties I get this

I have searched and tried all the usual suspects:-

1 updated driver
2 disabled that USB port, restarted pc and allowed Windows to update driver
3 swapped drive to another PC (it seemed to work but, maybe, I didn’t leave it connected long enough as it can take several days before “disconnecting” and the error message appearing)
4 switched to another USB port (it is not a hub, by the way)
5 switched power cables with another WD drive
6 switched USB cables with another WD drive
7 ran the WD Lifeguard Diagnostic program and drive was healthy no issues
8 safely ejected drive from pc, disconnected power from drive, turned off pc, disconnected power from pc, then reversed that process - see HERE.

The latter seemed to fix it and lasted about a week and then, today, up popped the error message again at the top of this post.

Has anyone experienced this issue and managed to solve this?

Hi there,

Do you have any hibernation settings setup? Perhaps this could be the issue. Also is this a portable or a desktop version of the drive?

It’s a desktop HDD. Can you expand on hibernation settings? Would that be a property of the drive or a PC setting. If the latter, I can’t understand why it is just affecting this drive.