WD Elements spins down after USB cable unplugged

I have WD Elements (WDBWLG0020HBK-EESN) which I use for backup. The usual behaviour of the drive is that when the USB cable is plugged into a USB slot, the drive starts up automatically. When it is unplugged again, the drive shuts itself automatically down.

Normally this is a nice feature. However, I do the backup for another computer right after the first one and I don’t want the drive to spin down when the USB cable is not connected for a couple of seconds just to immediately spin up again.

Is there a way to force the drive NOT to spin down after the USB cable is unplugged?

Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 is available, normally I do the backup in Ubuntu.


This feature is not supported. However, you can post this in the Ideas board.

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