WD elements seen on my computer but not accessible


I bought 2 WD external drives 1TB each.

I pluged each one on different server (windows 2008 and windows 2012).

Both of them sometimes are not accessible.

I can see them in “my computer” and I can see their capcity but I can’t see the files in them.

The only way to solve it is to plug them out and plug in again.

I had the same solution with 250GB WD passport that worked properly for 3 years.

What can be the problem?

Please try to help me it’s very urgent, thank you

What is shown in device manager? Do drives spinning well? Are you sure they are in good work condition?

Device manager shown as usual, I can see the WD elements disk there.

If I plug it out and in again the disk will continue to work as usual so I guess it’s in good condition (it was bought 2 months ago).

It looks like it’s becoming idle or something like that and need to be plug in again every few days which is a big problem because the disk are connected to a server in a server farm.

Win 8.1 or Server 2008?  Maybe the latest round of Windows updates will help?



Thank you but those updates are for server 2012 R2 + windows 8.1.

I use 2012 server (not R2) and 2008 server.