WD Elements SE

I am using Mac desktops and laptops.

Instead of buying a Mac external disk, I’ve got myself an Elements SE drive.

I only had to remove the software on the disk as it invoked Windows through Parallels Desktop.

I works fine and has only the USB connection, no powersupply. So less cables to take along when traveling.

I used to have a My Book Essential 1TB drive but this got affected by x-ray during my travelings and it was impossible to replace the internal board. I was offered to send it for replacement under warranty but the value of the drive exceeded the transport cost and so I decided to dump it.

The Elements SE is much more handy and easy to take along because of its format and the absence of a power supply.

A happy customer

If you should encounter any power issue they do make a power booster cable. Just thought it might be nice to know.