WD Elements SE 2TB not showing on Windows

Newly purchased Elements SE 2TB drive on Windows 10 desktop computer is showing “grey” on This PC Explorer page and indicates 1.81TB Free of 181TB.
However, if I click on the drive then all the folders and files show up correctly.
See attached images:

What’s going on?


The capacity consumed by the folders residing on the drive may be a few megabytes, hence it is not reflecting this minor change. But you may check the used space by right clicking on the WD Elements SE > then click on properties.

Wrong. There are over 7GB of data containing approx 10,000 files on that drive. However in My PC in Explorer it shows 1.81TB of 1.81TB Free. Note this drive is greyed out in My PC (as shown in my original images), but I can double click on it and the folders/files display.


According to the decimal system, there are 1000 gigabytes in a terabyte. In the file explorer the capacity of WD Elements SE is shown in terabyte i.e. 1.81 TB. So you may need to add more than 10 GB of data on it to see 1.80 TB free of 1.81 TB.