WD Elements SE 1TB Not Recognized

I have been using WD Elements SE 1TB External hard drive for a year without any problems. Few days back, when I removed(Windows safely remove option) and plugged it back again after some time(less than a minute actually) it did not show up in My computer.

I do get the Windows safely remove option when connected, and the drive LED is ON, and the drive is detected in Device Manager - Under “Disk Drives” as “WD Elements 1023 USB Device” and under USB controllers as “USB Mass Storage Device”.

The drive(with 3 partitions) is not detected in Disk Management.

Tried replugging it,restarting the computer, trying it in a different computer(XP/Win7),using a different USB cable - but getting the same problem.

Please help!

My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 is disconnecting! Brand new, only used for two days! SOLVED!

‎I have a STE NEC 2port PCIe USB3.0 and a 1TB WD Passport drive.  I just bough it, and transferred 700GBs worth of video to it last night.  It has since stopped working reliably.  It disconnects after being connected long enough for me to look at the files.  And not nearly long enough to transfer any files back to a different location.

Also, due to the proprietary connectory, there’s no way to use something like a Sharkoon to get to the files.  I’m so upset.  They also don’t sell Power Booster cables for these drives, either!

EDIT:  It’s the power!  There’s not enough power running from the front USB 3.0 ports on my computer. I had to plug it directly into the internal PCIe card, and now, no more disconnects.  This is pretty crazy because the USB 3.0 card is powered by an additional plug from my Corsair 750, so I don’t see how it’s not getting what it needs.

I also don’t understand why I had zero problems with it when I transferred the 700GB files?

This thing really is undependable in that it needs additional power to run properly.  I’m returning this and getting a powered external…I’m pretty sick from dealing with this thing.  Just a nightmare…I was seriously, seriously stressed out by this thing.