WD elements recognized but now shown in MyComputer

I have a 1tb WD Ext HDD. When i plug it into my pc, it recognizes the device, it even shows the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the taskbar and made a sound. But i can’t access it through MyComp. tried in other computer and had the same results. Opened “device manager” in winXP, it displayed “WD Ext HDD 1021 USB Device” in disk drives but nothing in “Disk Management”. I also downloaded “Data Life Guard Diagnostic” and ran the test but all tests failed and displayed error message “too many bad sectors”. Also ran “WD Quick Formatter” but failed to format the device.

I tried it in XP and 7 both 32bit.

Can i somehow make it usable again? Stored more than 900GB files in it but i already lost any hope of recovering it. Atleast make the drive useable.

If the DLG test failed you need to replace the HDD, you can try to recover your files with testdisk.