WD Elements Portble Issue: Windows 10


I’m having an issue with my WD Elements Portable Drive - my current OS is Windows 10.

A while ago it seemed to work fine, everything ran normally and I was able to open files. For the last couple of months it hasn’t worked - the main issue seems to be when I open a folder - in some cases it says “It is not accessible, the drive is not ready” and in some cases I can open the “first” folder but I’m not able to open any of the subfolders - again the same error is shown.

Today I bought a new USB cable as I thought the cable that came with the drive was the issue - this cable hasn’t seemed to work either.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


It’s either a sign of data corruption or hardware failure. Try running a test using WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics; if it fails the test the unit should be replaced.