WD Elements-Portable 2tb USB 3.0 partially coming up on my computer?

So I removed the drive from the case blew on it tried to get as much dust off it ect then plugged it into my PC. The light turned on, the mounting sound came though my speakers and the drive shows up in 2 places on my PC. 1) The “safely remove hardware and eject media” (I feel I should mention that when I try and eject it properly it says the drive is in use every time). 2) “devices and printers”. Doesn’t come up when I run list disk in cmd, doesn’t come up in windows explorer & doesn’t come up in disk management.

^ all of that happens when I have it plugged into a USB 2.0 port. When plugged into a USB 3,0 port I get 0 sound it comes up no where at all on my computer. The light does however come on and the drive spins. It hasn’t been working in the USB 3.0 port for around 9 months but it has been working perfectly fine in the 2.0 port until a few days ago when I started having this issue again. I plugged it into a Mac and the same thing happened as if I plugged it into a USB 3.0 on my PC (lights, spin & nothing else). This has already happened to another hard drive of the same brand and model I owned and this is a replacement from that hard drive because the computer store in town could not save it and got about 5gig off the 150gig of files I had on the hard drive.

Any help would be great thanks!


If the drive is not showing under disk management, there’s not much that I can advice you. Have you tried using a data recovery software to see if that can see the drive? If not, please try that.

If stills the same, try to get in contact with WD support to see if there’s anything else that they can provide you.

I have not. Is there any software you can advise me to use?