Wd elements play

first of all a big hello …

ok here goes … i have the wd elements play plus i have the harmony one remote, according to the logitech website the wd is in the harmony database , now i can set the tv to turn on, my onkyo amp turn it selects all the correct inputs and the wd drive turns on and goes to the screen with all the folders … now i can select left and right but on pressing the ok button to enter the correct folder i.e videos , music etc , nothing happens … can anyone help me with this am i missing a simple solution ? …

totally confused now to what i’m doing wrong



Well, my Harmony One works with all the WD’s I have  (and they all use the same remote, so they should be interchangable.)

I would suggest you look at the Key Maps in the Harmony Configuration utility and make sure the key is mapped correctly.

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