WD Elements Play Media Player Video Freezing

Hello, been reading posts about this freezing issue with WD TV live, so I decided to create this since I did not find any threads related to Elements Play. I bought my Elements Play in 2014 upgraded the firmware after that to 1.1 something firmware. I have been using this for almost 5 years now without any hitches. But suddenly these past few days it started to freeze out when I watch videos and like most the remote will not turn it off you need to unplug and plug again. It’s not connected via HDMI or any device just with the TV I don’t know why it started acting this way. There are days no freezing problem, but tonight it did twice I never changed any settings or anything on the unit since I bought it back in 2014. Any ideas what should I do? Thanks

Is that the player with a Internal Hard drive ? if so, they were released in 2010 and inside they have a WDTV (Gen1 from 2008) with a hard drive … basically pretty old an ancient.

After 10 years anythiing could be causing the problem … eg Hard drive failing, Electrolytic caps going/gone bad etc.

buy a new media player.

Yes it does have a 2TB internal HD. You are probably right too bad it was a good player.