WD Elements Play - folder corrupt and unreadable and file names appear in Chinese

Hi guys,

I have the following problem with a brand-new WD Elements Play drive:

All the file names of an entire folder suddenly display in Chinese (?), but apart from that they still play fine on my WD drive (they’re all MKVs). 
However, when I link the drive to my PC, I can’t copy or access the folder anymore - it says “folder corrupt or unreadable”. 
Any tips on how I can solve this? 

Thanks in advance for your help.


Format and reinstall ?

what about the corrupted/unreadable folder - are the files recuperable?

Been There :smiley: , try do en “Error Checking” on the drive, make sure that option “AUTOMATICALLY FIX FILE SYSTEM ERRORS” and “SCAN FOR AND ATTEMPT RECOVERY OF BAD SECTORS” are checked (location:Properties-Tools-Error Checking). hopefully it works for you :smiley:

It happened to me too. Corrupt directory and it’s unreadable from the WD and from the PC.

There’s an issue here

Anyone got this problem fix?..anyone?:cry:

Try the solution proposed by BC1377. Worked for me!

Found another way to solve this by using CHKDSK under command prompt(aka Ms - DOS), done in 30sec…   :smileyvery-happy: