WD Elements play firmware?

Sorry, but WD Elements forum looks closed down… no “Post New Message” button anymore.

Just saw lots of firmware releases for WD Live TV and other multimedia devices.

I’m very happy with my Multimedia HD but I wanted to know if a new firmware with up-to-date codecs will be released in the future, or update has been discontinued.

Thx in adv for feedback



Thread moved to the WD TV Live & Live Plus boards as the WD Elements Play no longer has a dedicated board.

I am most certain there won’t be additional updates for the 1st generation WD Elements Play, however, I do not know if this is the case as well for the 2nd generation unit.


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Thanks a lot for help, Trancer!

Hopefully 2nd gen (as is mine) will still have updates…

Brgds, plmj

I wouldn’t get your hopes up.   It’s been almost 1.5 years since the last update.