WD Elements Play Drive Failure / Replacement?

So I think my WD Elements Play has finaly bit the bullet. Nothing was coming up when I attached it to the computer and I noticed the device was making a constant “chugging” noise which suggested the hard drive was struggling. I opened up the device and removed the hard drive and connected to the PC and though it was coming up in the BIOS ok (after a long lengthy pause), the drive still continued to “Chug” and nothing was coming up in Windows and the Disk Manager. Plugging it in to the TV simply comes up with “Not able to detect internal drive”. So I think I have solved my first question, has the drive failed ? As I can’t think of anything else to do.

If I was to replace to the drive do I need to get a specific drive or does the device take any SATA drive ? I am tempted to get a whole new device as I have not been very pleased with this Elements Play for a long time (videos stop randomly, jerky output on some videos, drive corrupting randomly and having to repair it).

Many thanks in advance.

Replacing will be the way to go

make sure to put everything back as it was before returning

Removing the drive voids the warranty, lets hope they don’t see you did that :confounded:

Get a different HDD player, look at iboum.