WD Elements Play can't play latest .mkv files encoded with mkvmerge 4.9.1 --> 5.0.1 and maybe more

Hi All!

The subject is clear !

I have many .mkv filesand almost all of them are encoded and muxed with MKVmerge 4.5.0. It’'s not my own encoding.

And everything goes well…until I have now my latest .mkv files encoded with MKVmerge 4.9.1 or above (5.0.1 now).

Now, it does not work at all. I can press “Play” but I’m still on a black screen.

I’m forced to lost time by remuxing my .mkv file with an older version of MKVmerge which is, I think, the best software to do and maybe all of you use it.

So, my questions are :

  • Do you have this issue ?
  • If yes, what do you do to solve it ?
  • When WD ELEMENTS PLAY will be updated ???
  • and why the update of a software (an update means an improvement in my mind…) causes more issues than solutions??

Thanks by advance for your answers.



The firmware of the Elements play does not support MKVmerge 4.9 or above, You need to use a previous version. In regards to the firmware update you will need to contact WD directly for a correct answer.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


My suspicion is that you’re using Header Removal Compression, which the EP doesn’t support.   But it was brought into MKVMerge in version 4.0 and higher, not 4.5.1 and higher.

Posting the MediaInfo will help.

If it IS header compression, that can be disabled in all versions of MKVMerge.