WD Elements Play. BUG in subtitles of MKV. It looks like tiny

I have a WD Elements play 2 TB firmware v1.01.10

I have a .ISO form a DvD image and plays OK
I use handbrake v 0.9.5, to generate a MKV, and work fine… but.
subtitles (Vobsub format) are view so little that it is almost impossible to read.

The same mkv, (and the DvD where was created) look like fine in other
players like VLC  (like in the original DvD)

¿I think this is a bug? What do you think ?

(I did not find any setting to configure size in handbrake.)


Not only that, but the colors are reversed…

The FOREGROUND is used as the BACKGROUND (shadow) color, and vice versa; and the intended Background Color is often wrong.

And, you can put one of the subtittle like DEFAULT. And when you play the file this subtitle is showed without having to select.

This fail too. Never a subtittle is showed by default.

In another players this MKV works OK.

I´m send a request to the tech support and it´s a bit dificult.

They seams like don´t understand you ask for more details but never contacts the same person…

we have to be patien…

But with the aspect ratio BAD and without reading subtitles is almost usless the MKV option.

Only when aspect ratio is 1:1. Neutral. You can see the natural shape…

There are a regular date for updates??

I´m not consider me a good tester.  And discover a lot of problems… another people should have the same problems…  Are someone here???

thanks for your support TonyPh.