Wd elements play and 3tb external hard disks please help

Hello all, this is my first post and i am glad i joined this forum.

I have an  WD Elements PLAY 1Tb  with the latest firmware. SO far I am happy if you exclude the fact that this player does not support DTS or some versions Of Mpg4.

I Want to buy a WD Elements Desktop  External  3tb but i am keep reading and reading that The live versions do not support drives more than 2tb. PLease Help. The posts are confusing enough. Has Anyone tried to plug in an external 3tb WD Drive to Elements Play thgouth USB? I dont want to buy the 3tb Version and to discover afterwards that it doesnt work.

The LIVE versions do support drives > 2TB. 

I don’t know if the 1st revision of the EP does, though.

The 2nd one does…

Ty for replying Tony,

But iI am afraid I have version 1…(WDBACC0010HBK)

So still my agony remains. I have checked the combatible drives list with elements Play but the drive i want to  buy WDBAAU0030HBK) and to (connect with my Elements Play through the usb port is not listed. So I don’t know … I have emailed Wd Support and I am waiting for their reply.

No, the 1 gen of the WD Elements Play does not support drives of 3 TB.

Unfortunate that is, but ty , i will confirm it with Wd as soon as i get their email

Does anyone really know  a player from wd which it can support over 3TB connections,Matroska files, and to has at least 2tb space? Because literally I cannot understand the difference between Gen 1 and GEn 2 players in Elements. ]

I live in Europe and there is not that thing here, I googled, and the codes for the elements players are the same.

As per WD site:


This model numbers are for the Gen 2.