Wd elements play 2TB-(720×576) series shrinks from the sides in 16:9 aspect ratio and viciversa

Aspect ratio: 16:9: tv series with resolution (720×576) looks smal (shrinks) from the sides in 16:9 aspect ratio and they get 2 extra black lines ad the sides. image distorted. (for exension TS and m2ts, avi is ok). this only affects old series recorded in 4:3 mode (720×576)


aspect ratio 4:3:  movies with resolution (1920x1080) gets a black border on topp and bottom and also shrinks, image distorded. (for exension TS and m2ts, avi is ok)

I must allways change the aspect ratio in settings to be able to look at the movies in the right proportions, depending of the movie if it is a old serie using 4:3 or a new movie using 16:9. that is the only soluton for now to get the right proportions.

other issues:

i haved some problem with some mkv movies that stop working after some second and the next movie in the list starts by it self

other thing is that it would be good if the subtitles had a black color arround the outline ( uses  external srt), or if the color can be changed.

If you watch a 4:3 movie at a 16:9 screen, there should be bars at the side ??