WD Elements Play 2T problem codec


my name is Anta and i’m from spain.

I have a reproduction problem to Dvds from my Sony DCR DVD203.

Technical support says that exposes the case here. Is there any update as possible.

Thank you

This is the info file:

ID                               : 224 (0xE0)
Format                           : MPEG Video
Format version                   : Version 2
Duration                         : 18mn 53s
Bit rate mode                    : Variable
Width                            : 720 pixels
Height                           : 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio             : 16:9
Frame rate                       : 25.000 fps
Standard                         : PAL
Compression mode                 : Lossy

ID                               : 128 (0x80)
Format                           : AC-3
Format/Info                      : Audio Coding 3
Duration                         : 18mn 53s
Channel(s)                       : 2 channels
Sampling rate                    : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode                 : Lossy

Thank you for help me

I’m sorry but what is the problem that you are having with the codec?

Does not match the video with audio, and the image is constantly accelerating.
Technical support has been forwarded to me this forum to explaining the problem, because they have no solution. They say the problem is codecs.

Thank you very much

“No coincide el video con el audio, y la imagen se acelera constantemente. El soporte tecnico me ha reenviado a este foro para que exponga el problema , porque ellos no tienen solución. Dicen que el problema es de codecs. Muchas gracias”

If the codecs is the error try converting them to one of the ones that are compatible here is a list


Honestly, it’s easier for me to return the “play element” to the store to convert 50 files (VOB) that his “play elements” would have to play.
It is easier than you take out an update for this codec and be more competitive?
It is a commercial format sony vob.


The Elements has limitations as far as how many file types it can play. I know is hard to convert files, more this days with the busy schedule everyone has. As a last resort you could try getting a different player like the WD TV Live Hub which supports a wider variety of files. 

Suggestion. Engineers could develop a codec update for this player?

Thanks for help me

The codecs are built into the processor chip.  Anything the chip can’t decode when it leaves the factory, and gets shipped to WD for them to put into a player, can’t be added by WD at a later point.

Finally someone speaks very clear.

Thank you very much for the reply