WD Elements Play 1st gen wont pick up on laptop

Good Day

I own a WD elements Play 1st Gen with firmware V1.01.12, the other night i pluged it into my laptop and i transferd movies to the drive, but when i connected it to the laptop the next moring it didnt even pick up, the drive turns on, but it never get picked up by windows in “my computer” so now i cant transfer anyting to it anymore, i tried new cables and other laptops. Nothing works, does anyone have a idea whats wrong

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When you turn in the elements connected to the TV, does it work fine? On the computer you can try to check on the disk management window to see if its recognized there. Check the link below for the steps. 


When i connect it to the TV it work without any problems, but it still does not pick up on any laptop , i checked the disk management and no luck, it only shows my OS Drive and my DATA drive. Could it be the port on the mediaplayer thats broken? I don’t understand why it would switch on when i plug the cable in but it does not pick up on the laptop, i have used six cables and all of them did not work

This same thing happen to me, copy a few movies from a hard drive and the next day nothing reconises it?

got me stumped