WD Elements not showing in WD Drive Utilities

I have just bought an 8TB Elements drive from Amazon, and my previous WD externals have been able to be picked up by the Drive Utilities software. But when I plug this one in, it doesn’t show in Drive Utilities, despite otherwise working completely fine. I read on the download page for the software that WD Elements SE are supported by that software, as are WD easystore drives. Is there a way I can verify which one of these my drive is, as I know that the Elements and the easystore drives are pretty much identical. The fact that it isn’t recognised suggests to me that it might not be one of these models, but if it isn’t one of those models, what else could it be?

The possible causes for such an issue can be an incompatible file system, missing drive letter, disk driver issues, damaged partition issues on the hard drive. In a worst-case, the drive itself is failing.

You can try the below fixes to resolve the issue:

  1. Initialize the drive or drive partition
  2. Change/Assign drive letter
  3. Update Disk drivers
  4. Enable drive in BIOS

I have the same problem with the same drive, cant be a coincidence