WD Elements not recognised by Windows 10

External hard rive recognised in device manager and usb but not file explorer. Please help as lots of data involved.

Expanded on previous topic. baj

I am in the same situation. The HD is 1 month old… is it because the product is very bad? so I have to buy another different HD? or I am missing something?
I have tried unsuccessfully to recognise it with Acronis, format with the WD format, but no result. The WD DLG recognise it too but nothing else happened… it could not define the capacity neither to erase the data… Please, I need help, at least to recover the drive, I take the data as lost…

PD: different cable and ports have been tested.

Hopefully someone may help us! All may be lost!
Oh why WD why have you failed me!

Yes… it is good fun, $100 wasted of good fun… nothing like some sarcarms to solve a problem… good job