WD Elements not mounting

Hello, I have an USB disk 1 TB WD Elements.
When I connect this disk to a router or to a SMART TV,
the disk is not mounted. When I connect the disk to my PC
is mounted without problem.
I have also made the extended test with
software Data Lifeguard without any problem
Can someone help me ?


Oronzo Lezzi

If it’s working on a computer as intended but it’s not working on other devices then you may need to check the unit’s file system and power requirements.

From DataLife Guard I don’t see any problem with File System, and I cannot find any particular requirement for POWER

The power requirements for your TV. Some televisions do not provide enough energy to some USB 3.0 devices.

I don’t have this probem with similar SAMSUNG USB 3.0 1 TB disk with SMART TV and ROUTER, so I cannot image particular power requirement issue.