Wd elements new Frimware


i have old wd elements player i already instal latest firmware 1.01.10 (10/2010) but yesterday i see new elements palyer is lounched its looks like same and but there is ( WD Elements Play GPL Code) i want to ask may i instal this GPL CODE in my old WD ELEMENTS PLAYER


Only if you want to destroy it… :wink:


If you install the WD Elements play GPL Code, it will render your player useless. This is not a firmware update and it will not give you the new features of the new WD Elements play.

Are there a new WD Elements play?

Is a new model, similar but different?

The firmware are no compatible…

Then its true. We have a unfinished product.  We are waiting for a firmware that works for more than a year…

And now we are alone.

What should I do.?   Keep my old WD like a backup of my PC, and buy a real MKV player?

And the NEW WD ELEMENTS PLAY works properly, or better i look for another company?