WD Elements is not recognized by BIOS (it gives wrong size and modelno is not shown

there for this information is not shown in the diskmanager. I tried a disk utility it says that there is an I/O problem. So it cant be mounted. What is the source of that prblem and HOW can I FIX this…

both eHDD are WD elements PLEASE HELP!!!

Same here … / Windows 7 / 1 year old Lenovo PC / Intel i3 processor / 6 gigs ram.

New WD Elements 3TB Works great when using USB 2 port.

  Not recognized when plugged into USB 3 port on back.

  USB card & ports - factory installed by Lenovo.

Been using WD 1TB as primary C drive and WD 1TB external drive as backup.

 No problems with either one.  At least 350 gigs free space on both.

When trying to install USB 3 driver from Intel site - get message:
“Computer does not meet minimum requirements for installation”

Wondring if I need a Cray supercomputer to meet “minimum requirements” !!!