WD Elements is not detected on USB 2.0

I am having a WD elements portable SE and am using windows os.

I am able to access drive on USB 3.0 but it is not detected when I connect it to USB 2.0, it is not detected even in disk management.

Need help ASAP:mansad:

USB3.0 is backwards compatible with USB2.0

I own a 1TB Elements USB3.0 HDD and a 3TB MyBook USB3.0 HDD which work fine on my

Tablet, WDTV Live Hub, WDTV Gen1, Old PC, Raspberry Pi which only support USB2.0

Need More Info.

Not detected in “Disk Management” aounds like a “Drive Issue” … have you run a CHKDSK ?

Make sure your USB drivers are all up to date. If it shows in USB 3 but not in USB 2 then there is a problem in the USB route.


How am i supposed to run chkdisk when it’s not even detected in disk drive or disk management in windows or in disk utility on mac system