WD Elements formatting problems

I have purchased a WD Elements to store from my Arlo base station it will not format. Is it compatible with the Arlo set up?.

check with Arlo community website see what other people use

or manual

Do not use the Arlo base station to format storage devices with more than 2 TB of storage capacity. The base station formats storage devices using the FAT32 file system, which supports a maximum of 2 TB of storage space.

The USB has only 2 tb it is fat32 but fails to format when I plug it into arlo

Can you format it on your computer PC/MAC as FAT32, then plug it in to your Arlo see if it work

Yes it works fine on the pc it’s been formatted to fat32

Try making the WD Elements a RAW hard drive by deleting all the Partitions and Formatting on your PC and then plug it into the Arlo and let it Partition and Format the drive.

Possibly, the Arlo might be expecting a un-formatted and un-partitioned hard drive to proceed with the process.