WD Elements External HD 2.5TB?

Okay i hvave a WD Elements External 2.5TB HD And another 2.0TB HD

Well when i plug it into my computer, and i open up the folder it says that all 7 folders are empty and there are no files just the folders showing but they’re all empty. But when i view it on my computer it says that i have 8GB FREE Space and 2.2TB USED or something but i can’t see or access any of it… any ideas ?

After further searching this issue, i have found other members who are complaining about the exact same issue i am having.

I have 2 wd element drives, one is 2.0 one is 2.5TB – the 2.5tb wont show anything, it shows my 7 main folders, but they’re all empty, but when i click properties, it says that i only have 8GB free out of 2.2TB or w/e

Plus when i unlug THE usb from the pc, and only when i unplug it does it ask me i want to format the drive

Also i get a little notification box when i plug in the drive that it is okay to eject and remove it

I have tested the drive with a different usb cable, and my other wd elements drive still works fine, so i have narrowed it down to being an issue with the drive itself, but i can’t figure out why? earlier today it would show up the drive, and i could open the drive, and view my top 7 folders in the root folder. but nothing beyond there, but now… i cant even see the drive show up in my computer, it used to show up as \WD ELEMENTS-1\ But now it just shows up as Local Disc L’:\ And i can’t even open that drive