WD Elements connected to Samsung TV..now not recognised by Window

I watched some flicks in my samsung TV through WD Element 1TB HDD. Now I realised that this HDD being not recognised by my window 8 laptop. I googled a lot but could not find solution…

does it appear in Disk Management ?

do you use the drive for recording/playback of content directly from the Samsung TV ?

if so, the partition or file system type is most probably formatted to a Samsung format … but the drive should still be seen on a Windows PC in Disk Management for reformatting back to a PC format.

I have the same problem with my HDD, My Passport 0820, WD10JMVW. The HDD appears on disk management, but is “unknow disk” and “unbooted”.

yes, it is seen in disk management but unrecognised…but still being played on samsung LED TV. …I cannt access data in my laptop…should I have to format the HDD now or any methode to access HDD in laptop?